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Heartworm Prevention

Heart Worm Prevention

Heart Worm Disease Treatment is available at Animal Hospital of Westover Hills. The cost of treatment varies according to the weight of the dog. Please call our office
and ask our receptionist for prices. In San Antonio, it is important that dogs and cats remain on Heart Worm Prevention all year long. HeartWorm are transmitted by
mosquitoes, which are prevalent throughout the year. HeartWorm Disease can be expensive to treat and ultimately fatal to your pet if the disease is untreated.
***Please consider prevention all year long***

Tri-Heart plus


Tri-Heart Plus Blue
(Up to 25lbs)               
Tri-Heart Plus Green
(26 to 50lbs)                
Tri-Heart Plus Brown
(51 to 100lbs)               
**Tri-Heart is a small chewable tablet (good for small dogs that are finicky eaters)
that protects dogs from HeartWorm Disease,Hookworms, and Roundworms. The active
ingredients are pyrantel and ivermectin.**



Heartgard Purple
**HeartWorm Disease can be very serious and ultimately fatal for cats. Kittens as
well as adult cats can benefit tremendously from being on heartworm prevention.**


Heartgard Blue(up to 25lbs)
Heartgard Green(26 to 50lbs)
Heartgard Brown(51 to 100lbs)
**Heartgard is a real beef chewable chunk. It protects from HeartWorm Disease,
Hookworms, and Roundworms. The active ingredients are pyrantel pamoate and ivermectin.**

Trifexis Oral - Canine

Pink           (5 to 10lbs)
Orange      (10.1 to 20lbs)
Green        (20.1 to 40lbs)
Blue          (40.1 to 60lbs)
Brown       (60.1 to 120lbs)
**Trifexis is an oral pill that treats for both Heartworm and fleas. It must be given with a full meal.**

ProHeart Injection - Canine

ProHeart        (1 to 11lbs)
ProHeart        (12 to 25lbs)
ProHeart        (26 to 50)
ProHeart        (51 to 75lbs)
ProHeart        (76 to 100)
ProHeart        (101 to 125)
ProHeart        (Over 125)
**ProHeart is an injection that is given every 6 months to prevent Heartworm disease.**