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Comprehensive Dog and Cat Packages available for the overall health of
your pet.

The packages are offered at a savings of over 15% off when purchased at an annual health checkup.

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Vaccinations are also offered without the cost of the package, for the price of just vaccines, please refer to the left column of prices. Puppy/Kitten Packages are part of the initial visit with the doctor and booster vaccines are paid for separately as the puppy/kitten comes in for follow-up vaccinations. A Rabies Vaccine is given at 3 months of age.
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Puppy Package

Regular Price 6 weeks of age to 3 months You Save
Over 15%
$32.48 Examination w/ vaccination  
$29.20 Fecal Check  
$25.50 DHPP - CV Vaccination  
($13.92) Nail Trim (Complimentary)  
$5.00 1st Month Heart Worm Prevention Pill  
$6.00 Starter Fingerbrush kit  
$98.18 Total Price $83.45
$115.18 With Rabies Vaccine $97.90

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Adult Dog Package

Regular Price

Adult Dog Package You Save
Over 15%
$32.48 Examination w/ vaccination  
$29.20 Fecal Check  
$23.50 DHLPP Vaccination  
$44.08 Heart Worm Blood Test  
($13.92) Nail Trim(Complimentary)  
($12.87) Anal Gland Expression(Complimentary)  
$129.26 Total Price $109.87
$146.26 With Rabies Vaccination $124.32
**Packages Available with Bordatella & Lyme at
Various Prices**

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Cat Package

Regular Price Cat Package

You Save
Over 15%

$32.48 Examination w/ vaccination  
$29.20 Fecal Check  
$31.90 FVRCPC-FeLV  
($13.92) (Complimentary Nail Trim)  
$93.58 Total Price $79.54
$110.58 With Rabies Vaccination $93.99

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All surgery patients are to be current on vaccinations. Surgery is performed Monday-Friday by appointment. Drop off time is between 7-8 a.m. Owners need to pick up pet's food by 8 p.m. the night before surgery, water can be picked of the morning of surgery prior to drop off. For all surgical patients, blood profiles are offered at a discounted rate if preformed as part of the
pre-anesthetic screening. There are various levels of blood work offered at different prices. Please ask our receptionist for a description of each level test and
the price.

Canine Spay (Female)

<25lbs $162.50
26-50lbs $199.34
51-75lbs $212.05
76-100lbs $236.94
>100lbs $273.33

Feline Spay (Female)

Feline Spay(Female) $141.91


Other Surgery Fees

Obese pets,females in heat Extra charge of $58.00
Early Pregnancy $88.16 Extra
Late Pregnancy $139.21
Rabbit Spay $174.89
Rabbit Neuter $142.79

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Canine Neuter(Male)

<25lbs $148.06
26-50lbs $154.23
51-75lbs $161.74
76-100lbs $169.26
>100lbs $176.78

Feline Neuter(Male)

Feline Neuter $90.72
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Heart Worm Prevention

Heart Worm Disease Treatment is available at Animal Hospital of Westover Hills. The cost of treatment varies according to the weight of the dog. Please call our office
and ask our receptionist for prices. In San Antonio, it is important that dogs and cats remain on Heart Worm Prevention all year long. HeartWorm are transmitted by
mosquitoes, which are prevalent throughout the year. HeartWorm Disease can be expensive to treat and ultimately fatal to your pet if the disease is untreated.
***Please consider prevention all year long***



IverHart Blue(up to 25lbs) 6 month $15.90
IverHart Green(26 to 50lbs) 6 month $25.22
IverHart Brown(51 to 100lbs) 6 month $34.94
**IverHart is a small chewable tablet (good for small dogs that are finicky eaters)
that protects dogs from HeartWorm Disease,Hookworms, and Roundworms. The active
ingredients are pyrantel and ivermectin.**



Heartgard Purple     $33.60
**HeartWorm Disease can be very serious and ultimately fatal for cats. Kittens as
well as adult cats can benefit tremendously from being on heartworm prevention.**


Heartgard Blue(up to 25lbs) 6 month $29.60 12 month $54.95  
Heartgard Green(26 to 50lbs) 6 month $38.40 12 month $71.05  
Heartgard Brown(51 to 100lbs) 6 month $44.80 12 month $82.90  
*Recieve a $5.00 rebate check in the mail when you purchase a 12 month supply
of Heartgard.
**Heartgard is a real beef chewable chunk. It protects from HeartWorm Disease,
Hookworms, and Roundworms. The active ingredients are pyrantel pamoate and ivermectin.**

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Flea & Tick Control

Frontline Plus - Canine

Frontline PLus(up to 25lbs)-3 Vials $46.70
6 Vials+ 1 Free $89.40
(1 Vial of up to 22lbs= $19.63)  
Frontline Plus(23 to 44lbs)-3 Vials $48.50
6 Vials+ 1 Free $93.00
(1 Vial of 23-44lbs)= $20.63)  
Frontline Plus(45-88lbs)-3 Vials $50.90
6 Vials+ 1 Free $97.80
(1 Vial of 45-88lbs= $21.38)  
Frontline Plus(89-132lbs)-3 Vails $51.40
6 Vials+ 1 Free $98.80

Frontline Plus - Feline

Frontline Plus(all cats)- 1 Vial $17.46
3 Vials $46.40
6 Vials $88.80
Promeris(<9lbs & >9lbs)- 1 Vial $13.00
3 Vials $37.43
6 Vials $69.25

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Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings are performed surgically. The cleaning includes removal of tartar build-up with an ultrasonic scaler, polishing of the teeth, and fluoride treatment. Price for dental varies with the weight of the dog or cat and the severity of the periodontal disease. The price does cover the dentistry, anesthesia, and an antibiotic
injection. Antibiotics prescribed to the patient are in addition to cost as well as any extractions.
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Tail Docking and Dewclaw

Tail Docking and Declaw Removal are performed on puppies at 3 days of age. These procedures are performed while the owner waits if the puppy is at the proper age. The cost is $41.49 for the first puppy and $25.31 for each additional puppy. Dewclaw removal(no tail docs) is $28.59 for first puppy and $22.26 for each additional puppy. After 7 days of age, the procedure is considered surgery and is therefore more involved. The cost is much more expensive depending on the weight of the puppy. It is important that you consult with your breeder to ensure these procedures are performed at the proper age. (Weight and age may vary).

Feline Declaw

Front Declaw $188.81
All Four $345.89
** Best age for speedy recovery is 3-6 months of age, price includes antibiotics and a 5lb bag of a special
cat litter.**

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Geriatric Profiles

Geriatric Profiles are offered for both senior dogs and cats. These are various levels to accomodate your older pet's needs. Profiles include a urinalysis, bloodwork, and x-rays depending upon the package. These profiles also include the dog or cat vaccination packages. Ask our receptionist about what is included with the price of the different levels (bronze,silver,and gold).
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Microchip Identification

Microchip Identification Service is also offered. The price is $42.38 per pet and can be performed at a regular visit or while the pet is under anesthesia for surgical procedure. Owners are always welcomed to bring pets in to use our microchip scanner free of charge.
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Ear Cropping

Ear Cropping is a surgical procedure performed at 3-4 months of age. Price varies with the weight of the puppy and includes anesthesia,antibiotic injection to prevent infection, IV catheter and fluids, and re-taping of the ears throughout the healing process. Please call and talk to one of our staff members about setting up an appointment.
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Crematory Services

Crematory Services are provided by All Paws through Animal Hospital of Westover Hills for your beloved deceased pet. All cremations are private (only the remains of your pet will be returned in the urn). Urns can be requested in ceramic or wood finishes.
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Grooming by Lorenzo is also provided for all pets. Please call for any additional questions regarding appointments and pricing.
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Diet Food

Animal Hospital of Westover Hills also carries a full line of Hill's Science Diet Maintenance and Prescription food. Please call to ensure that we have the diet food your pet needs in-stock and for our low prices. We also carry quality shampoos and diet supplements by Virbac, a company exclusive to veterinarians.
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** Prices are subject to change without notice.**

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